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Total Expert

Leveraging SaaS+ to Accelerate Growth

Total Expert is a financial services specific marketing and customer engagement platform that recently added data services products. A fledgling startup in 2016, Total Expert was born in the shadow of CRM’s 800-pound gorilla: Salesforce. When Joe Welu, the founder and CEO, came to Rally in 2016, Total Expert was one of only a few CRM companies specializing in financial services. Most were older companies whose growth had plateaued or were losing customers as a result of Salesforce’s category dominance, so most investors dismissed any competitors trying to gain footing.

But Rally embraced Joe’s vision.  Joe had spent his entire career in the residential real estate space and knew the problems experienced by lenders firsthand.  And, with our decades of experience in b2b tech, Rally knew that broad horizontal solutions had weaknesses that could and had been successfully exploited.  We made our initial investment in April 2016, when Total Expert had just 12 people and under half a million dollars in revenue.

Rally’s network of industry veterans was key to unlocking the opportunity. Over the course of our partnership with Total Expert, we engaged several Tech Partners to assist with the strategy, join the board, and recruit top executive talent.  Today, Total Expert has a suite of CRM, Customer Engagement, Marketing Automation and AI-driven Customer Intelligence products which they sell broadly across financial markets — banks, credit unions, independent mortgage brokers, insurance and wealth management companies. Last year, the company passed $50m in ARR and has become the de facto leader in a number of its markets.

Recently, Total Expert became a SaaS+ company, launching their first data products to great success.  The company recently launched an AI-driven customer intelligence product that has driven ROIs as high as 50x as well.  Combining customer intelligence with a best-in-class engagement platform is revolutionizing what loan officers, brokers and other financial services personnel can accomplish.  As a result, Total Expert is experiencing accelerating growth at scale.


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