Tech Partners

The insider advantage

A nationwide network of leaders and visionaries drawn from the most influential companies in tech.

Rally Tech Partners act as a flexible extension of our team, selectively applying their expertise to strengthen the capabilities of our portfolio companies at each phase of their journey. With expertise spanning marketing, sales, leadership, finance and engineering, Rally Tech Partners work directly with our early-stage companies to provide targeted guidance, inspiration and connections when and where it counts.

Meet our tech partners

Tech Partner Program Details

Learn more about the experts that help our portfolio companies achieve deep market alignment.

About the program

The Rally platform includes a dynamic group of 100+ Rally Tech Partners—visionaries, technologists and executives—with deep sector expertise. Rally Tech Partners work directly with our early-stage companies, helping them navigate the most direct route to success.

How partners contribute

Tech Partners actively source, diligence and support portfolio companies by providing targeted guidance, inspiration and connections. And as investors in our fund, every Tech Partner has a personal stake in adding significant value from Day One.

The size of the program

There are currently over 100 Rally Tech Partners. The group is comprised of current and former senior business leaders, technologists, CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs with expertise spanning every functional department in an organization.